4 Examples Of How Businesses Can Use Inbound Calls for Lead Generation

Phone numbers for Inbound Lead Generation

  • Top customer questions
  • The conversations can be utilised for better messaging and buyer’s experience

4 Different ways you can use inbound calls for lead generation

  • Use automation to streamline the communication — Automation can greatly help in streamlining the conversations, especially when you’re short of resources.
  • Make it personalized using IVR — Adding a greeting and an IVR helps in two things — providing a personalized experience and in understanding a few requirements upfront before assigning an agent.
  • Click 2 Call — Make sure to add a click 2 call button on your website, especially on your mobile site. This makes it easier for customers to call you.
  • Smart Routing — The choices made by the user on IVR can used to route the calls to the right agent. This results faster response times and increases agent productivity.
  • Handle high volumes After spending thousands of dollars on outdoor advertisements, the last thing you would want is to miss leads because your existing telephony platform isn’t able to handle multiple calls. Using virtual numbers, you’ll be track and manage all the leads. Call queuing helps you in handling multiple calls even when you have a limited number of agents.
  • Calculate Marketing ROI for multiple ads
    Let’s face it, there’s no direct way of measuring the ROI of outdoor advertising. A lot of results are based on assumptions which might not be correct. Using an inbound virtual number can help you in understanding the exact ROI of a campaign. You’ll know the exact number of leads driven by each campaign.
  • Virtual numbers also allow you to monitor the ROI separately using a different virtual number. You can easily assign a different virtual number for each campaign. While the call can eventually land on the same number, using a unique virtual number will help you in understanding the performance of each campaign separately.
  • Make sure to set up call conversion tracking before getting started with call extensions. Adwords call tracking data is not the best.
  • Utilize a virtual number for your campaigns. This will help you in effectively managing and tracking all the conversations.
  • Using a tool like CallRail, you can track the user behaviour of the caller, including their web sessions.
  • Schedule the ads during business hours to get the maximum engagement
  • Connect the customers with a real agent asap, people hate waiting.
  • Call-only Ads are more effective on mobile.

Why Virtual Numbers?




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