Exotel Zoho Phonebridge Integration

How Does It Work?

  • Enable Exotel Integration from the Zoho ‘Setup — Channels — Telephony’ section
  • Configure co-workers, groups, flow, and ExoPhones in Exotel Dashboard
  • Enable Integration via: https://zohoplugin.exotel.com/ (for Zoho Desk) or https://zohocrmplugin.exotel.com/ (for other Zoho Products supporting Phonebridge v3, like Zoho CRM)
  • Map the Zoho Desk Users with the Exotel Users in the Integration Interface (and enable Click-2-Call, if required)
  • For detailed requirements and setup, refer to our Help Doc.

How can integration help businesses?

  1. Get the notification on your Zoho application screen, whenever any Incoming call comes on to your customer-facing Exotel Number.
  2. Ability to create/update a ticket/lead and associate the call with it — auto-populating the numbers, name, etc.
  3. Click2Call — Initiate a call between you and your customer, directly from the Zoho application.
  4. Map the Exotel Users to Zoho Users and enable Click2Call for some or for all of them.
  5. Call Recordings getting automatically added to the tickets.
  6. Missed Call details directly getting pushed to your existing tickets or new tickets being created in case of unsaved numbers.
  7. Just work on one interface (Zoho Apps) and improve your productivity by eliminating context-switching.



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Exotel — Asia’s leading cloud telephony company

Exotel — Asia’s leading cloud telephony company

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